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Litter born 8-28-02


Happy mom with babies.

Litter consists of two ruddy males, two ruddy females, and one red male.


This is my favorite ruddy male


This is the other ruddy male I call him Popeye because he was born with one eye open.
Hes spoken for.


This is the red male Hes spoken for at this time.


This is the girl I am keeping from this litter.



This is the other ruddy girl in the litter.

Updated photographs taken 9-28-02

Gang having fun.


Rear is my favorite ruddy girl, front from left to right are Popeye, girl 2 and favorite ruddy male.

Favorite ruddy male - what do you think Debra?

Favorite ruddy girl.

Girl #2

Harris' red boy.

Updated Photo's taken 10-20-02

This is Kai, showing what a beautiful cat and a great show cat he is!

More of Kai

Again Kai

This is the Red Male, looking for trouble!

Red male and Popeye

Red male - still looking for trouble!

Popeye playing with knob on dresser

Faith surveying the group from a high advantage

Faith, she's getting closer to the floor :)

This is Hope, my favorite girl.

Hope again.


Popeye (rear) and Hope (front)

Updated Photographs taken 11/16/02


Faith (left), Popeye (center), Kai (right)

Faith - Isn't this cute?



Kai and Faith

Kai and Hope

Red male and Kai in the background

Kai again.


Popeye (left), Faith (center), Kai (right)



Red male

red male again

Red again

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