GP/NW Mabuhay Copper Blaze of Foxykats


I showed Copper for many years and attained a national win with him in 1992. He also was best cat in Premiership in the Gulf Shore Region that same year.


Now 10 years later, I took Copper to a Veterans ring held at the Kansas City show, August 2002. There were 12 cats competing all over the age of 7 years. Copper is 12.6 years old.


Although he had not been out of the house in years, he had a great time. He loved being the only cat in the hotel room, here sharing some time with is breeder, Carla Bizzell of Mabuhay cattery.



Copper had a blast letting everyone love on him and letting him give them kisses and lick their hair (he has a serious case of the “hairdresser gene”).


Barbara Sumner was the judge of this special ring. Here are some photo’s of Copper waiting to be judged, and being judged by Barbara.




Barbara thought that Copper was in excellent condition, just loved him and his confirmation to the breed standard. She awarded him 2nd best of this special competition. Here she is awarding him the trophy.






Carla and I were very proud of the old man, and he ate up all of the attention.



Thanks for letting me share this special cat and this special day with you.


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